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 For over 40 years The Triangle Group our Companies have provided a wide array of services for the retail and manufacturing communities including: Full Transportation Services (International Freight Forwarding, Drayage, Consolidation, Deconsolidation, Trans-loading, and Store Deliveries), Full Warehousing, Pick and Pack and e-com fulfillment as well as a full suite of QC and Value Added Services. The benefits of our service offerings for our clients include improved vendor relationships and technology that can effectively manage and track orders from origin to destination, not to mention outstanding customer service. We offer our clients the benefit of a web-based window into their shipments and inventory, through which they can see what point of the supply chain their shipments are so they can react to their customer needs and market demands. Technology drives our operations and allows us to operate with lower levels of labor, the single largest cost component for most of our clients. It also increases accuracy and efficiencies which allows us to offer saving to our clients through these economies of scale. We have extensive EDI experience, both with our garment clients and others, with experience shipping to over 50 major retailers. Our facilities in CA and NJ commerce hubs close to the major ports where we provide a full array of logistics services for our customers. We currently warehouse for over 50 US- and Globally-based companies ranging in size from startups to the well-established. We look forward to discussing our services in more detail with you and learning how we can partner with you in the near future.


         Caryn Blanc

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Import / Export


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